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Apple is not a new name for the mobile or computer users. It is one of the best brand having so many features and advantages. iTunes is an app for Mac and PC which plays  digital music and video. Sometime iTunes not working well and user need help to fix the issue. In that case Apple support team help and give free technical support and guidance. If you are using iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. then you can use iTunes to download music, video from iTunes store. This application is developed by Apple. There are so many versions of iTunes so if you are using the old or not updated version then sometime you may get error code or message.

Most of the user faces the error code or message while opening iTunes app, downloading music, installing iTunes, iTunes not response when connecting to iPod, iPhone, iPad etc. Such type of error or problem occurs due to outdated version.

iTunes Not Working

There are so many reasons behind iTunes not working but some of them are given here-

  1. Old or outdated App: It is no doubt that update is required for software and it help to enhance or download the latest and new features so if you are using old or outdated version of iTunes then it may not supported in your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Macs, PC.
  2. File is corrupt: Missing or corrupt file is also the reason behind “iTunes not working”. Since the software is the set of programs so if any file is missing or corrupt then it can’t work properly.
  3. Version is not supported: It is very common issue for iTunes not working or getting issue while trying to connect iTunes store.
  4. iTunes is not installed correctly: It is recommended to install the software correctly and successfully so be sure that iTunes is correctly installed or not.
  5. Missing in iTunes Library: If the iTunes library is missing then it may be the issue of iTunes not working.
  6. Malicious Programs: Unwanted programs also create the issue and might prevent iTunes from opening or closing. If the security software is not up-to-date then it might be the issue.

What to do if iTunes not Working?

It is very common question for the user who use Apple product like iPod, iPhone, PC etc. They install iTunes to download music, video from iTunes store so if iTunes not working well then such functionalities can’t be accessed. You can fix it by yourself or also get help from Apple support team. First try yourself then contact to Apple customer support team.

Steps which helps to fix “iTunes not working”

  1. Be sure that you have installed the latest or new version of iTunes and update it
  2. Installing file should not be corrupt
  3. Be sure that the version you have installed is supported or not
  4. Uninstall iTunes and reinstall successfully
  5. Fix the internet issue while connecting to iTunes store
  6. If missing library is the issue then create a new iTunes library
  • Secure the system with powerful antivirus or security software so that malicious programs can’t inject in the device or system.

Try the given steps to fix the problem of iTunes not working and if the problem not fixed by you then contact to Apple support team. Apple online support is available for 24*7 hours.