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Usage of mac and iPad is very common in our workplace and iTunes is very essential for getting refreshed. But there are various problems that arise in the duration of its usage. If there is any technical problem, present in any Apple product then there is no need to worry simply you can take help of Apple online support company. As soon as you contact us our technicians will take step to solve the problem. Here we shall be discussing various problems that arise in iTunes and the steps that could resolve the problem very easily. We will also discuss the ways in which our technical team helps you to overcome the issues.

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Various issues and their relevant solutions by Apple  Online Support

  • Backup problem

If you find error messages which states that ‘iTunes could not backup iPhone because there is no enough free space available on the compute’ or ‘iTunes could not backup iPhone because it could not be saved on computer’ then you are in real trouble. These problems could be resolved only when you follow the steps of instructions of resolutions. You can also take help of Apple online support team if you are having difficulty in solving the issues. Our team will find out the actual cause of the problem then they will solve it.


Firstly, restart IOS devices and your computer and then try to create back up again. The next step that could be taken is to update iTunes. If you need help in updating it then take help of Apple online support team. The other way to solve this problem is checking the security settings of computer. There are times when the security software present in your computer interferes the backup process. If after following these steps you find that you are not able to resolve the backup problem, then it is always advisable that you take help of iTunes technical support team.

  • Login problem

Whether it is iTunes or any other product of Apple you have to login in it for further using. In the login process you have to enter valid username and password. If you fail to provide correct login credentials, then you will have to face login problem. There are various other factors which are responsible for the same. If you find that you are unable to login in the iTunes, then the connection would be one possible reason. You should ensure that you are connected to the internet. If you want to know the actual cause of the problem, then take help of Apple online support team.


There are many precautions that you should take while login. And if you find that you are unable to login the you should try these steps. You should try using internet browser to connect to any website and check whether it loads. If it does not load, then you can use some other device on the same network in order to check whether the other devices connect. You can take help of Apple online support team if you want to solve this factor. Sometimes there may be interruptions in the service of your country or region. If you don’t update your software time to time with the latest versions that are available, then you may find that iTunes not working. This problem could be resolved when you connect to iTunes store and update it.

  • Problem of password

Password is something which is applied for every single applications and products of Apple. You will be in more problem when you have set different password for all Apple services including iTunes. If you need any help for recovering the password, then you can always take help of our support company. If you forget the password of iTunes then you will not be able to login in your account and download or purchase songs, videos, apps, ringtones and any other content from the iTunes store. You can either follow the solution mentioned here or you can take help of Apple online support team for recovering the password.


There are few steps that you have to follow one by one and very accurately then only you will be able to recover the password. Firstly, if you forget the password, then click on ‘forgot your Apple ID or password’ link. Then you have to enter the Apple ID and click next. There are two ways by which you can reset your password. You can either use email authentication or answer the security question. If you choose email authentication, then you will receive a verification email in the email associated with your iTunes account you can reset your password by using it. If you want the recovery process by answering security questions, then you need to answer two security questions which will allow you to set a new password that you can do easily by clicking on reset password link. You should remember that Apple online support team is always beside you to help you recover the password.

iTunes Update Problem:

iTunes update problem occurs while you try to download latest and new features of iTunes. It is a common issue which occurs in every device which use iTunes (mostly
Apple device).iTunes help to play music or video and also used to download music or video from iTunes store. Sometime iTunes stopped working due to internet issue,
malicious programs, installation problem etc.


Follow the given steps to fix iTunes update problem:

i) Be sure that you have installed iTunes successfully
ii) Be sure that iTunes is not out dated
iii) Device is safe and secure from malicious programs
iv) Setting of iTunes is missing